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Frogfamily comes with a beautiful collection of modern, easily importable, and highly customizable demo layouts.

App Landing 01 (Main demo)
App Landing Modern
App Landing 03
App Landing 07
Portfolio/Resume 2
Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing/Agency
IT Solution 2
IT Solution
Digital Agency
Startup Agency
SaaS Classic
SaaS Modern
App Landing 04
Pos Software
Seo Software
Home Live Chat
CRM Software
Web Application
Email Marketing
Cyber Security
App Landing 06
App Landing 05
Software Management
Social Media Marketing
HR Management
CR Management
SEO/Digital Marketing
Agency Landing 01
Portfolio/Resume 01
Product Landing 01
Cloud Hosting 1
Cloud Hosting 2
Cloud Hosting 3
Dark Version Demo
App Showcase Dark
Dark Version Demo
Saas Classic Dark
Dark Version Demo
Digital Agency Dark
Dark Version Demo
Startup Agency Dark
RTL Version Demo
Frogfamily Main RTL
RTL Version Demo
App Showcase RTL
RTL Version Demo
Digital Agency RTL
RTL Version Demo
SaaS Classic RTL
We are a Digital Agency
Frog Family is a meme token that only rewards investors for holding, the number of rewards received will increase over time if investors hold them longer. We are the safest place for long and short term investors in the meme category. Safemoon x10000 shiba x10000 babydoge x10000 so the next x10000 memecoin will be Frog Family 🐸🐸
  • Experience Dev & Fully Doxxed
  • Full Contract Audit
  • BUSD Rewarded Token
  • NFT Mint & Stake
  • NFT Buy & Stake
  • Busd Reward Token
We are a Digital Agency
Frog Family metaverse ecological system mainly contains four sectors, including NFT, Gamefi, DeFi and Web3, and establishes a new LP pledge mining operation mode on the basis of the four sectors, players can obtain NFT through the blind box, and the obtained NFT can be traded through the DeFi system. social scene to create their own character in the metaverse space.
We are a Digital Agency
Rather than investing in a crypto token and waiting for its price to rise, rewards tokens pay you while you wait. Rewards tokens make you passive income, in other words, without you doing anything. Just keep your position and watch the coins accumulate in the crypto wallet of your choosing. Ownership of the NFT in fact allows for a passive gain on all the views made by that content: it is an investment plan and a completely new way of exploiting love for arts.
Our Experiences
Like a lot of things in crypto, staking can be a complicated idea or a simple one depending on how many levels of understanding you want to unlock. For a lot of traders and investors, knowing that staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies is the key takeaway.

This is our team and we want to expand as we can create a great platform for professionals.








  • Name: Frog Family
  • Symbol: FROGF
  • Total supply: 1000000000
  • Blockchain: BNB Chain
  • Staking: 45%
  • Presale: 30%
  • Liquidity: 15%
  • Team: 6%
  • Marketing: 3%
  • Airdrop: 1%


  • Marketing push to spread awareness
  • 5000 telegram members
  • Meme development
  • Airdrop
  • Whitepaper V1


  • Third party audit
  • Influencer marketing push
  • Listing on Coingecko – Coinmarketcap
  • 10,000 telegram members
  • 10,000 holders


  • V2 Website deployment

  • Initial Twitter Calls

  • Youtube influencers

  • More memes from community

  • List cex exchanges


  • 100,000 holders
  • Increase marketing
  • Frog Family look for a partner to donate idol stream
  • Add way more memes
  • More Coming

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